How do I access the Wave SDK Forum?

At the Wave Developer Community Forum you can get answers to any development questions or engage with other developers using the Wave SDK. Additionally, we provide access to beta versions of the SDK and plugins that may assist you in your app development.

To access the developer forum in general, there are two flows – one if you already have a HTC/Viveport account and one if you don’t.

If you HAVE an account

If you are a developer who has published a title on Viveport, you already have an HTC/Viveport account.

  • Go to community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-Wave-SDK/bd-p/vive-wave-sdk
  • Click ‘Sign In’ at the top right
  • Enter your account credentials
    • Note: Make sure you use the right account! You are using the same credentials that you use to login at developer.viveport.com.
    • If your developer.viveport.com sign-in uses Google, Facebook or Steam, please create a new account by clicking ‘Sign Up’ and use the email address registered with us.
    • If you accidentally create a new account (by clicking Google/Facebook/Steam) please logout, clear cookies and click ‘Sign Up’.
  • If you have not visited the forums previously, after signing in, you should be prompted to pick a username; it is helpful for us if you pick something that makes it clear which studio you work at.
  • Once you have a user name, visit the Vive Wave SDK Forum.
  • You’re in!
    • Please note, some portions of the developer forums require you to PM a moderator prior to your first post.


If you do NOT have an account

You do not have an HTC Sense / Viveport account (or need to create a new one).

  • Go to http://community.viveport.com/
  • Click ‘Sign In’ at the top right
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ at the lower part of the form that follows. Do not select Google/Facebook/Steam to sign up with!
  • Once you have a user name, visit the Vive Wave SDK Forum
  • You’re in!