How to Publish Your Wave App on the Viveport Store

How to Publish Your Wave App on the Viveport Store

You can upload your Focus apk and marketing materials to Viveport by using this quick start guide. Our team will need 5 business days to review these materials before it can be published. This gives our team time to QA and to gives you time for a quick round of feedback.

Viveport Developer Console Quick Start Guide

How to Publish Your App on the Viveport Store

1.) Go to https://developer.vive.com/us/

2.) Click on the Developer Button.

3.) Sign In.  (If you are not registered, then you need to get a HTC Sense account. If you sign in on a developer page, then you will be able to access the Developer Forums as well).

4.) If you don’t have an account – Go to Become a Developer.

5.) While signed in with your Developer Account, you can begin publishing to Viveport. Start by clicking the ADD NEW TITLE button.

6.) In the Create new submission section – Select MOBILE in the HOME/ARCADE box.

7.) Name your title and Read and agree to the Viveport Platform Agreement by ticking the check box.

8.) Now you are ready to go through the Viveport submission process. (Note: For Runtime, Choose Wave, not Wave Link).

9.) Refer to the Developer Guide at https://developer.viveport.com/documents/developer-guide for an overview of the Developer Console Submission Process and Explanations of each section.

NOTE: For Distribution Region – you can select all of the regions where you may one day sell your Wave app (not just in China).

If you need pricing recommendations, content guidance, or have any questions, reach out to your Vive contact.