100% Revenue Share in Viveport Subscription

It’s VIVEPORT’s two-year anniversary and we’re celebrating with you! Developers of titles opted-in to Viveport Subscription will receive 100% of all subscription revenue from October 1st through end of 2018.

This is our ‘thank you’ to developers contributing to the success of Viveport, by giving them 100% of revenue during the busiest quarter of the year.

If your Viveport title is currently not part of Viveport Subscription, you can opt-in to Subscription now from the Developer Console, on the ‘Program Opt-ins’ page.

If you aren’t already a Viveport developer, register here.

Now is a great time to promote your Viveport Subscription title and make sure you take advantage of increased revenue share. Remember to tag Viveport on social media (we’re @Viveport everywhere) and reach out to us with any major updates you wish to share.

-Viveport Team

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