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Content Guidelines

In this section, we will outline the types of content that we are looking for. In general we try not to place too many restrictions on what you may submit in order for you to come up with interesting apps. That said, there are certain kinds of content that we do not want. If your app is found to violate any of these guidelines at any time, it may be prevented from being published in the Viveport.

Prohibited content

  • No adult content, this includes sexually explicit or erotic material, nudity
  • No content that infringes on copyrights you do not own
  • No content that is purely advertising
  • No content that depicts gratuitous violence
  • No content that contains materials that harass, threaten or bully others
  • No content that contains hate speech
  • No content that deceives the users
  • No content that discloses users private information
  • No content that engages in illegal activities
  • No content that violates local laws and regulations in the countries the app is published
  • No content that facilitates gambling, including but not limited to, online casinos, sports betting and lotteries, or games of skill that offer cash prizes
  • No content that contains viruses, malware, worms, Trojan horses or any other item that introduces vulnerabilities into the user’s system
  • No content that modifies the user’s system without permission
  • No content that interferes with other apps on the user’s system
  • No content that takes users to another marketplace or store.
  • Must not alter platform features, such as the behavior of system-level buttons such as Quick Menu

Comfort requirements

Your app should avoid causing nausea by:

  • tracking head movements in a consistent manner
  • rendering visuals stereoscopically and clearly
  • displaying visuals indicating movements that are consistent with user inputs
  • avoiding excessive backward or sideways movements
  • avoiding shaky visuals and unexpected accelerations or decelerations, a minimum of 90FPS is recommended for Vive/OpenVR content and 60FPS is recommended for mobile VR
  • avoiding dropped frames
  • avoiding inconsistent scales
  • avoiding sudden changes in brightness
  • starting only after the user has indicated readiness

Official China content guidelines


Interim Administrative Provisions on Internet Culture

第十六条 互联网文化单位不得提供载有以下内容的文化产品:











Article 16 Internet culture entities shall not provide cultural products containing contents:

1. which defy the basic principles of the Constitution;

2. which endanger the unity of the nation, sovereignty or territorial integrity;

3. which divulge secrets of the State, endanger national security or damages the honor or benefits of the State;

4. which incite national hatred or racial discrimination, undermine the solidarity of the nations, or infringe upon national customs and habits;

5. which propagate evil cults or superstition;

6. which spread rumors and disturb the public order or destroy the public stability;

7. which propagate obscenity, gambling, violence or instigates crimes;

8. which insult or libel others, or infringe upon the legal rights and interests of others;

9. which endanger public ethics or the fine folk culture; or

10. which contain other contents prohibited by the law, administrative regulations or by the governments.

第十八条 互联网文化单位应当建立自审制度,明确专门部门,配备专业人员负责互联网文化产品内容和活动的自查与管理,保障互联网文化产品内容和活动的合法性。 Article 18 Internet culture entities shall establish a self-examination system, define special divisions and assign special personnel to be responsible for the self-examination and management of Internet culture products, so as to guarantee the lawfulness of the Internet culture products.


Interim Administrative Measures for Internet Games

第九条 网络游戏不得含有以下内容:











Article 9 internet games shall not contain any of the following content:

1. Content in violation of the fundamental principles established in the Constitution;

2. Content endangering the unification, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of the State;

3. Content divulging state secrets, endangering state security, or damaging the honor and interests of the State;

4. Content inciting ethnic hatred or racial discrimination, undermining unity among ethnic groups, or violating the customs and habits of minority ethnic groups;

5. Content propagating heresy or superstition;

6. Content disseminating rumors, disrupting social order, or undermining social stability;

7. Content disseminating or promoting obscene material, pornography, gambling, violence, or content instigating others to commit crimes;

8. Content infringing the lawful rights and interests of third parties by discrediting or slandering others;

9. Content transgressing social morality; and

10. Other content prohibited by laws, administrative regulations, or provisions of the State.

第十五条 网络游戏运营企业应当建立自审制度,明确专门部门,配备专业人员负责网络游戏内容和经营行为的自查与管理,保障网络游戏内容和经营行为的合法性。 Article 15 Internet game operators shall establish a self-examination system, specify the self-examination department, designate professional staff responsible for self-inspections and the management of internet game content and business conduct, and ensure the lawfulness of internet game content and business conduct.
第三十条 网络游戏经营单位有下列情形之一的,由县级以上文化行政部门或者文化市场综合执法机构责令改正,没收违法所得,并处10000元以上30000元以下罚款;情节严重的,责令停业整顿直至吊销《网络文化经营许可证》;构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任:(一)提供含有本办法第九条禁止内容的网络游戏产品和服务的; Article 30 Where any of the following circumstances apply to an internet game operator, the culture administrative department or culture market comprehensive law enforcement agency at or above the county level shall order it to take remedial measures, confiscate any illegal earnings, and impose a fine ranging from RMB 10,000 to 30,000; where the circumstances are serious, said department shall order it to suspend its business operations for rectification or revoke its Online Cultural Business Permit; if the operator’s conduct constitutes a criminal offence, it shall be held criminally liable in accordance with the law: 1. Providing internet game products and services including any content prohibited by Article 9 hereof;

Content ratings

Please report the age rating of your app according to the following table:

Rating Content
All Content is generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.
10+ Content is generally suitable for ages 10 and up. May contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes.
13+ Content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, infrequent use of strong language and/or scary scenarios.
17+ Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

ESRB, PEGI conversion table:

Vive/OpenVR rating ESRB PEGI
All E 3+
10+ E10+ None
13+ T 12+
17+ Mature 16+