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VIVEPORT Earnings Report Guide

Earnings report provides the monthly revenues during a given month for both Global and China store for each Viveport business model.  Earnings are calculated from sales, refunds, VAT/sales tax, and developer revenue share percentage. These may not reflect the actual disbursement values when earnings are subject to a withholding tax, or wire transfer fee if payment thresholds have not been met. Data in earnings reports is released approximately on the 5th of every month.

View And Download Earnings Report

Follow these steps to get an overview of the earnings for each Viveport business model and details of the monthly earnings :

  1. Sign in to the Viveport Developer Console at
  2. Click on My Titles on the top menu.
  3. Click on Reports > Earnings on the submenu.
  4. Select All titles or specific title for reviewing the monthly earnings.
  5. Select Time period for the monthly earnings.
  6. View the monthly earnings per business model in Viveport Global store and China store.
  7. Click the Download CSV button to get the specific monthly earnings report in details. Or click the Download All CSVs button to get all the filtered reports at once.

CSV Report Definitions

The CSV file contains one header row (which displays the column titles).  Each subsequent row in the file contains the information for one transaction.

The following table describes the fields for each entry (row) in the CSV file:

ield Description Example
Earnings Report Month The year and month when the earnings report is generated.­ 2018/12
Business Model The Viveport business model the transaction was made under. App purchase, Subscription, Arcade, etc.
Transaction Date The date of the transaction.  Format is YYYY/MM/DD in UTC time.

The subscription transaction date is the subscription plan end date for the customer.

Store Viveport store where the transaction was made – Global or China. Global or China
Country Code Standard two-digit country code for the transaction. US
App ID ID for the app or game. ac50a8cb-904c-4859-88a2-73065ed7da8a
App Name The title of the app or game. Arcade Saga
Units Sold / Selected Number of units included in this transaction. 1
Arcade Business Model Arcade has 3 types of models, and each has its own pricing with different definition for “Units Sold”.  The Arcade business model types are :

–          time_based

–          round_based

–          monthly_fee

time_based, round_based, or monthly_fee.
Units Sold (Arcade Time Used) For Arcade time based model, the units sold is the usage time for the app or game. 0 hr 15 min 3 sec
Units Sold (Arcade Round Played) For Arcade round based model, the units sold is the number of rounds for the app or game played. 1
Units Sold (Arcade License Sold) For Arcade license fee model, the units sold is the number of licenses sold for the app or game. 15
Currency The currency that the customer sees on Viveport.  It is determined by store location that the customer visits. USD
Gross Earnings / Refund The revenue amount for the transaction.  This amount is without any VAT/sales tax deducted, and without the developer’s revenue share portion applied. 16
VAT/Sales Tax The value added tax or sales tax applied to the transaction. 1.6
Dev Rev Share Revenue share percentage to the developer. 0.7 (70%)
Dev Earnings Before Tax* It is calculated by gross earnings / refund taking out the VAT/sales tax and applying the revenue share percentage.  During payout period, dev earnings before tax* is subject to a withholding tax, or wire transfer fee if payment threshold has been met. 10.08
Cost Center Currency Earnings from Global / China stores are converted to USD / CNY amounts respectively.

Global earnings are shown in USD.

China earnings are shown in CNY.

Dev Earnings Before Tax* in Cost Center Currency 10.08
Transaction type For sales from Viveport, the transaction type is shown as sales. For refunds, the transaction type is shown as refund.  For other type of transaction adjustments, the transaction type is shown as adjustment. sales, refund, adjustment
Promotion Desc. This indicates whether an earnings took place during a promotional activity/event on Viveport, and will list the event. summer sale, Black Friday, subscriber special, etc
Adjustment Reason If there has been any sales adjustment (Transaction type = adjustment), the reason for the adjustment will be indicated here. Price adjustment