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Error codes

Code Type Description
20001 IPC Functions are not supported / Permission Denied
20002 IPC IPC server not available
30001 DB Unable to open database
30002 DB Unable to create database table
30003 DB Database does not exist
30004 DB Data input error
30005 DB Encryption error
30006 DB SQL run error
30007 DB License already exists
30008 DB License not found
40XXX HTTP Winhttp error code + 28000
41000 HTTP 400.0 (500) -> system error, eg DB failure
41002 HTTP 400.2 (401) -> unauthorized
42012 HTTP 400.12 (400) -> Malformed request body, unable to parse request body
42013 HTTP 400.13 (400) -> Invalid argument, eg remote host not configured
43000 HTTP 400.000 (500) -> Remote access error, internal communication failed
43101 HTTP 400.101 (400) -> Missing attributes
43102 HTTP 400.102 (400) -> Invalid attributes
43200 HTTP 400.200 (403) -> Permission denied, not owner
43201 HTTP 400.201 (403) -> Permission denied, app not found
43202 HTTP 400.202 (403) -> License not found
43203 HTTP 400.203 (403) -> License expired
43204 HTTP 400.204 (403) -> License is almost expired, renew it if possible
43205 HTTP 400.205 (403) -> Account is in use on too many devices. Please log out from another device to continue.
44000 HTTP 200 (400) -> Service gateway reports token missing, invalid, or expired
44001 HTTP 201 (400) -> Service gateway reports client ID or scope error
50001 HTTP Invalid account ID/VIVEPORT ID/VIVEPORT Key
50002 HTTP Internal server error
50003 HTTP Unknown server
50004 HTTP Cannot connect to server
50005 HTTP Requested leaderboard does not exist
50006 HTTP Location setting not found
50007 Data Data error
50008 Data API has not been initialized
50009 Data Unknown JSON format
50010 Data Current stats not ready
50011 Data Command parameters not valid
50012 Data Unknown client
510xx HTTP HTTP 400 (stats)
511xx HTTP HTTP 401 (stats)
512xx HTTP HTTP 402 (stats)
513xx HTTP HTTP 403 (stats)
514xx HTTP HTTP 404 (stats)
515xx HTTP HTTP 500 (stats)
516xx HTTP HTTP 501 (stats)
517xx HTTP HTTP 502 (stats)
518xx HTTP HTTP 503 (stats)
519xx HTTP HTTP 504 (stats)
520xx HTTP Unknown error (stats)
521xx HTTP Achievement data error
522xx Network Cannot connect server (stats)
523xx Data JSON format error (stats)
524xx Data Client unknown error (stats)
5xx10 HTTP HTTP 400 (achievements)
5xx11 HTTP HTTP 401 (achievements)
5xx12 HTTP HTTP 402 (achievements)
5xx13 HTTP HTTP 403 (achievements)
5xx14 HTTP HTTP 404 (achievements)
5xx15 HTTP HTTP 500 (achievements)
5xx16 HTTP HTTP 501 (achievements)
5xx17 HTTP HTTP 502 (achievements)
5xx18 HTTP HTTP 503 (achievements)
5xx19 HTTP HTTP 504 (achievements)
5xx20 HTTP Unknown (achievements)
5xx21 HTTP Stats data error
5xx22 Network Cannot connect server (achievements)
5xx23 Data JSON format error (achievements)
5xx24 Unknown Client unknown error (achievements)
60000 Data Lost App IP or App Key (IAP)
60001 Data Lost user’s currency setting (IAP)
60002 Data Initialization failed due to data loss (IAP)
60003 Overlay User idle for more than 5 minutes (IAP)
60020 Overlay PIN UI is not installed (IAP)
60021 Overlay User pressed cancel on PIN pad (IAP)
60022 Overlay Launch PIN pad failed (IAP)
60030 HTTP Unable to connect to VIVEPORT server (IAP)
60040 HTTP Quickpay request API failed (IAP)
60060 HTTP Quickpay purchase API failed (IAP)
60080 HTTP Quickpay query API failed (IAP)
60100 HTTP Get balance failed (IAP)
60120 HTTP Get PIN setting failed (IAP)
60140 HTTP Get PIN retry count failed (IAP)
60160 HTTP Get location setting failed (IAP)
60200 HTTP Quickpay request subscription API failed (IAP)
60220 HTTP Quickpay subscribe API failed (IAP)
60240 HTTP Quickpay query subscription API failed (IAP)
60241 HTTP Quickpay query subscription result is empty (IAP)
60260 HTTP Quickpay cancel subscription API failed (IAP)
60300 General Target title not found (DeepLink)
80000 General Unable to get app ID from vendor app
80001 General Unable to get HMD ID from store manager
80002 General User is not logged in to their VIVEPORT account
80003 General Unable to get version ID from store manager
80004 General Unable to get auth token from HTC account service
80005 General Network or server error
80006 General App ID or session ID is null
90001 Verification Unable to verify license
90002 Verification Unable to verify JSON format
90003 Verification License message is empty
90004 Verification License signature is empty
90005 Verification HTTP server returned an error in incorrect format
90006 Verification HMD ID is empty