Cross-platform Support, Accelerating Deployment,

High-performance Optimization

VIVE Wave™ VR Open Platform

VIVE Wave, an open platform and toolset that will enable easy Mobile VR content development and high-performance device optimization for third party partners. The VIVE Wave VR SDK offers an open interface enabling interoperability between numerous mobile VR headsets and accessories, supporting mainstream game engines. This allows players with different VR devices an easy access to your extraordinary content.

What We Offer?

VIVE Wave works seamlessly with VIVEPORT, supporting VIVE Focus and multiple VR devices. The simplified cross-platform support maximizes your consumer reach, creating endless possibilities of revenue.

VIVEPORT Supports Multiple Sources of Revenue

VIVEPORT partners with various VR hardware companies, maximizing your reach to all types of VR players. With complete SDK support and features - including subscriptions, in-app purchases, leaderboard and achievement systems, VR advertisements, IME, DRM - VIVEPORT explores endless monetization opportunities and maximizing your revenue.

Key Features

We will continue to support the latest VR trends.

Open interface, allowing easy plug-in for various VR devices.

Optimization for mobile VR

  • <20ms motion-to-photon latency
  • 3/ 6-DOF (Degree of Freedom) headset and controller tracking
  • Stereo rendering with Asynchronous Timewarp (ATW) technique
  • Lens distortion correction and chromatic aberration correction
  • 2D overlay
  • Unity & Unreal plugin support
  • Safety virtual wall

Supports Various HMD configuration

  • Smartphone slot-in HMD
  • Smartphone tethered HMD with single or dual panels
  • Standalone HMD with single or dual panel

Industry standard API format (i.e. OpenVR), easily port existing applications to VIVE Wave.

Supports unparalleled experience on multiple CPU architecture (optimized for Qualcomm Snapdragon).

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