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VIVE plugins

VIVE Plugins

Vive Input Utility

The VIVE Input Utility (VIU) is a Unity plugin that allows developers to manage Vive device statuses, including Vive Trackers. It includes a device binding system which allows for easy management of multiple tracking devices. It also includes a mouse pointer solution that works in 3D space and is compatible with the Unity Event System. The goal of the VIU is to accelerate Unity development by reducing the time required to manage Vive input devices while also reducing time spent writing redundant code.

Download from Github or the Unity Asset Store.

VIVE Media Decoder

The VIVE Media Decoder is a high performance video player decoding plugin for Windows which supports streaming multiple formats. This plugin makes it easy to create VR video player.

Download the Decoder from Unity Asset Store and the source code from GitHub.

VIVE Stereo Rendering Toolkit

VIVE Stereo Rendering Toolkit provides drag-and-drop components for developers to create stereoscopic rendering effects in a few minutes. Using the toolkit, effects such as mirrors or portal doors can be easily achieved in your VR application.

Download from the Unity Asset Store.