FAQ (VIVE Sense)


The VIVE 3DSP SDK is soon to be released in early access.


How do I quickly enable the Vive 3DSP SDK to add enhanced support for 3D sound effects?

Within Unity, navigate to “Project Settings -> Audio -> Spatializer Plugin”. Under “Spatializer Plugin” select “VIVE 3DSP Spatializer Plugin”.

Next, under AudioSource, ensure that “Spatializer” is turned on.

Does the 3DSP SDK have any hardware dependencies?

No,the Vive 3DSP SDK is currently hardware agnostic and supports any Head-Mounted-Device. That said, within in the component of the VIVE 3DSP Audio Listener, we have provided an option that allows you to define specific HMD models to achieve hardware specific optimizations. If developing for the Vive Pro HMD, you can use these options to enable hardware optimized 3D sound effects that are unique to the Pro.

Can the VIve 3DSP SDK be used in conjunction with other spatialization SDKs?

No, Unity currently only supports the use of a single spatializer at one time. Within Unity, you can define which spatializer is actively in use by navigating to “Project Settings -> Audio -> Spatializer Plugin”.