Docs. (Viveport SDK)



When you publish your content to VIVEPORT, you can use the following features if you integrate the VIVEPORT SDK into your content:

  1. DRM (Digitial Rights Management). The VIVEPORT DRM API provides a function to verify if the content should be launched for the current user.
  2. User Profile. The VIVEPORT SDK provides a way to have information about the user.
  3. Stats & Achievements. The VIVEPORT Stats and Achievements API provides an easy way for your content to offer persistent, achievements and statistics tracking for your users.
  4. Leaderboards. The VIVEPORT SDK supports persistent leaderboards with automatically ordered entries. These leaderboards can be used to display global and local rankings in your content.
  5. In-App Purchase. The VIVEPORT In-App Purchase API provides an easy way for your content to provide IAP functionalities. These APIs may be time consuming so IAP SDK provide a callback mechanism to let you know if API call is done without blocking the main thread.
  6. Sessions (Per-round) for VIVEPORT Arcade (For Windows). The VIVEPORT Arcade Sessions API provides an easy way for the content to notify the VIVEPORT Arcade system that a session was started and stopped.

Download the SDK here.